Deck building options Series

Crisis of Faith by Michele Frigo

Deck building options part 1: The 5-2 split

In this article we’re going to cover the most common type of option so far, originally introduced in the Core Set, the 0-5/0-2 class split.

Across Space and Time by Falk

Deck building options part 2: The Dunwich splash

In this artcile, we’ll talk about the second set of options were introduced to the game, the Dunwich Splash. The main highlight is the access to five level 0 classes of any class.

Ace in the Hole by John Pacer

Deck building options part 3: Traits

In this post, we’ll analyze the first group of investigators that have deck building options based around traits. We’ll be focusing on characters that have secondary access to traits.

Occult Lexicon by Dimitri Bielak

Deck building options part 4: Traits continued

In this article, we’ll be continuing to look at trait based deck building, going into the more out-of-the-box options. Primary trait access and Parallel investigators round out this group.

The Silver Key by Robert Laskey

Deck building options part 5: Choose-a-class

In this article, we’ll cover a group of investigators with just three current members but lots of potential. I’ve dubbed this option the choose-a-class deck building because when you’re using it you, well, choose a class.

Norman Withers by Shane Pierce

Deck building options part 6: Special options

In this final article on the deck building overview series, I’ll be covering all of the investigators that haven’t fallen into any previous category.

Deck of the Theodosia by David Frasheki

Deckbuilding Options part 7: Progression

In this article, the deck building series picks back up to look at the Edge of the Earth investigators. Their unique style has earned them the “progression” nickname and also provides lots to talk about!

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