The Scarlet Keys Promotional Art – Author Unknown

The Scarlet Keys preview: Salvage

In this article, I preview my first card from the upcoming Scarlet Keys investigator expansion. Thanks for Fantasy Flight Games for the opportunity to do this!

Improvised Weapon by Borja Pindado

Mechanical Meanings: Exile

In this installment of Mechanical Meanings, I take a look a somewhat controversial but recurring mechanic from early in the game’s existence This article is all about Exile.

Tides of Fate by Alexandr Elichev

Bless and Curse: Why Not Both? (Part 1)

NOTE: This series has been cancelled.
In this introductory article, I introduce you to a new collaborative series with Youtube’s Winging It. The aim is to showcase the power of bless and curse decks in a playthrough of The Path to Carcosa campaign.


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